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Circulo S/A is a company that always strives to create innovative products and collections that are embedded in fashion and technology. It is committed to making their products more sustainable, and for this, the company researches new technologies in the market that provide minimal emission of pollutants to create its products.

The company recently implemented a new technology for the textile sector, the result of research from the University of Catalonia (Spain). This technology, called DYE CLEAN, unlike other methods, allows placement of several dyes in the same bath without the need to discard or to perform intermediate treatments of dyeing baths. With this process, there are many benefits for our Planet. We call it “water re-use”.

In order to fully engage in the preservation of natural resources, Circulo maintains its quality through the following environmental benefits:

- reduced salinization of the Itajai-Açu River;

- reduced water catchment from the Itajai-Açu River;

- reduced sludge generation to the landfill;

- reduced consumption of chemicals;

- reduced consumption of energy, water and steam,


With the reuse of dyeing baths, there was a reduction in discharges of organic and inorganic products.

In this context, Circulo remains a pioneer company, being the only one to dye mercerized yarn with this technology in the world, thus confirming its position in the market as a Company that always seeks innovation.

Other environmental actions:

- recycling of textile waste;

- treatment of used water;

- wastewater treatment;

- reduction of discharges of organic and inorganic products;

- energy efficiency policy (energy, water and steam);

- replacement of burning firewood with chip (wood waste) in the boiler;

- recycling of cotton and polypropylene waste;

- we maintain an extensive native reforestation area.